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Hi there,

If you are visiting this page on purpose, it means that you purchased EZSound Box, followed all step by step written & illustrated instructions, and/or watched our instructional video. However, you are having a technical issue.

Please let us start by extending our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your business as well as our apologies for your trouble. We created this page together so that we can put as much tips and FAQs as possible and keep them up to date.
Finally, we like to emphasize that every single unit we manufacture is tested in production for quality purposes. Designing and manufacturing recordable products since March 2009, we always test return products as well just to see if the product is defective or not. In this 12 years experience, we can honestly and sincerely tell that easily 90% of returned “defective” products were simply fine, but one recording step or little detail was overlooked or missed during recording and playing.
Please look at the Tips and FAQs below. If you still have an issue even after you went thru our tips below, we are just an email away and eager to address your concerns as soon as possible.

Please email us at info@invitebyvoice.com, and please clearly indicate the following in your email:

  • Order number
  • Full name used in the order
  • Email address used in the order
  • Please explain the issue as detailed as possible so that we can offer you the most accurate and quickest solution as soon as possible
We do highly appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again.
Thank you,
EZSound Team

WHAT is in the PACKAGE?
Your order includes EZSound Box, double sided adapter, and instructions (3-panel blue colored slide card. All recording instructions are printed inside of the slide card).


EZSound Box will transfer and save everything playing on your device thru included headphone jack adapter. For example, you can open your web browser, go to any websites like say YouTube, play any video there and have the sound get recorded into EZSound Box. With the same approach, you can play literally anything on your device and have the sound recorded into EZSound Box.
So, recording takes place thru headphone jack of your device. Your device can be any device such as mobile phone, PC, MAC, tablet, or any other device with built in headphone jack. If your device does not have headphone jack like recent iPhone models, unfortunately you cannot record from that specific device to EZSound Box. To record, you will need adapters like “lightning to headphone jack” or you can just record from other devices you might have.

Tips & FAQs

 It does not RECORD anything

  • Make sure that brand new 3 AAA batteries are installed correctly (+/- orientations).
  • “ON/OFF” switch moved to “ON” position.
  • Double sided adapter plugged into the EZSound Box and into your device fully & firmly (recording button is only active when double sided adapter is inserted).
  • Make sure that you are press only once on the small black circle to start recording.
  • You should hear single “BEEP” at the start of the recording and double “BEEP” at the end of recording. If you hear beep sound, unit is definitely recording.

It does not record fully and stops recording quickly

Please make sure that once you connected everything, all connections are stable and you are not actually holding them on your hand, but EZSound Box and your device placed on the solid/stable platform. If there is any movement during recording, it will stop recording unintentionally. Also, make sure that you are not touching or pressing down big front button while recording as it will also stop recording process.

It does not PLAY anything or very low playback sound volume

Once again, we like to emphasize that if you hear single and double beeps, unit did actually record, that is for sure. In that case, please try / make sure the followings.

  • The sound volume of the recording is totally adjusted by the sound volume of your device. Put the sound volume of your device all the way up ONLY AFTER you connected everything and plugged them into your device. This way you are raising up the sound volume of the headphone, but not the speaker of your device.
  • Loose connections might be the reason. Please make sure that audio cable is fully and firmly attached to your device, and to EZSound Box. You should hear click sound when plugged.
  • If you are recording from website like YouTube or similar, as all those players have their own sound volume adjustment bar, there is possibility that sound volume is set too low in that specific player (your device’s sound volume might be simply fine).
  • Try to record from any other device you might have.

Lots of background noise. Crackly sound the same volume as the recorded sound. Only plays static

  • Put the sound volume of your device all the way up ONLY AFTER you connected everything and plugged them into your device.
  • Make sure that adapter plugged to the EZSound Box and your device fully & firmly.
  • If any, remove any protective cover your device has as cover will prevent adapter to go all the way in, therefore, air will be recorded, and when played, you will hear static sound.
  • If you are recording from website like YouTube or similar, as all those players have their own sound volume adjustment bar, there is possibility that sound volume is set too low in that specific player (your device’s sound volume might be simply fine).
  • Try to record from any other device you might have.

How to record something from my iPhone which does not have headphone jack?

If your iPhone does not have headphone jack, but has lightning connector, you can simple use “lightning to headphone jack” adapter. This kind of adapter is not included in the package. Alternatively, you can try to record from any other device as EZSound Box works with any device that has headphone jack.

How do I record my own voice inside? Could I not record directly to the device? Why?

The reason you do not record directly to the EZSound Box, but to your device (such as cell phone, PC, MAC, etc) first is that you are utilizing advanced and expensive recording equipment your device has. This way, the final recording will be higher quality than those products that you can record directly. Transferring sound to EZSound Box thru headphone jack does also allow you to record many other sources such as YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Vimeo, etc.

How to erase the pre-recorded music. How to re-record?

All you need to do is just to re-record as if you are recording the very first time. When you re-record, existing recording will be erased automatically. You do not need to do anything at all.

Can I re-record into EZSound Box?

Absolutely. As many times as you want/need.

Can I record multiple songs/tracks?

This unit will not play different recording/song each time play button pushed. Having said that If you play all of songs/clips in an order while you are recording, you will achieve recording multiple recordings. Think about the way that sound box will record whatever plays on your device. Sound box itself does not know how many files you play. It will just keep recording them till its capacity is full.

There is already recording inside. Did I get used product?

No. For quality purpose, we do record into every single product in the production to make sure that it does function properly. That is what existing recording is about.

What is the recording time?


How loud are EZSound Boxes?


How long batteries last?


When I press the PLAY button, does it play whole recording? What happens if I press again?


How do I make sure that my recording Is not erased by mistake?









How can I place an international order in your website?

We do ship all over the world. We would recommend that you add the product you want to your shopping cart in our website to see your total cost. Once you added products to your shopping cart in our website, you can use "ESTIMATE SHIPPING & TAX" tool in the shopping cart located on the left hand side. So, you will be able to see your different shipping options (at different postage fees) before you proceed with the payment.

To see estimated shipping times for different shipping options, please scroll down in any product page and look at the table titled,"Estimated Delivery Times".

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