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How to record on EZSound Box – Front Play Button

How to record on EZSound Box – Front Play Button
Step 1: Remove Back Panel Use a small screw driver to remove the back panel from the sound box. Step 2: Insert 3 AAA Batteries Insert three (3) AAA batteries into the back of the sound box. Follow the diagram inside the battery box for specific placement instructions. Step 3: Double Check Battery Placement I have every confidence that you know how to insert a battery, but just in case this is your first time, take a second to double check that the batteries are placed correctly. Note the diagram in the battery box as well as the diagram in the directions that accompanied your sound box. Step 4: Put Panel Back The batteries are in place, so let's slap, or rather screw, that back panel back onto the sound box. Step 5: Switch To "ON" Position While we're still working with the backside of the sound box, take a moment to switch the ON/OFF toggle to "ON". Done and done! Step 6: Test Factory Recorded Message/Song Take just a second to test the sound box by pressing the button at the on the front of the sound box to play the factory recorded message/song. It should start playing as soon as the button is pressed. Step 7: Remove Any Protective Cover From Your Device I know, I know. Your fuzzy phone case is totes adorbs, but in order to get the other end of the double-sided adapter to function, you will have to take it off your phone. Don't worry - you can put it right back on again in a minute. The same goes for any other device that may have a decorative or protective cover on it: remove the cover before proceeding. Step 8: Insert Double-Sided Adapter FULLY and FIRMLY Insert either end of the double-sided adapter into the sound box and the other end into your device. Did you do it? I bet you did, and I bet you ROCKED IT! Step 9: Adjust Volume This is important! Ok, all of these steps are important, but I definitely don't want you to miss this one. The volume of the sound on your sound box is controlled by the volume on the device from with you are recording. So, if you want the volume of the sound box to be, let's say, REALLY loud, make sure the volume on your device is turned up all the way. Step 10: Click Play On Your Device This step is about as high tech as this process gets, guys. On your device, pull up whatever sound you want to put onto your sound box. What might that be? A song, a personal recording, a YouTube video, a sound bite...the list goes on and on. Once you have that pulled up, click PLAY on your device...BUT WAIT A SECOND AND READ STEP 11 FIRST! Step 11: Push Circle To Start Recording Ok, sorry to get all dramatic in Step 10, but I wanted to make sure you had all the info so your recording turned out absolutely perfect (although, BONUS - if it didn't turn out perfect, you can just re-record AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!) To start recording the sound from your device onto your sound box, push the little circle on the front of the sound box using some sort of pointy tool, like a ballpoint pen or a stylus. What that means is, if you want the sound to record from the moment is starts playing on your device, you have to hit PLAY and push the button at the same time. Don't fret, guys, you can do this. I BELIEVE IN YOU! Step 12: Push Circle to Stop Recording You're recording! Sah-weet! But now you want to stop recording, so let me tell you how to do that. (It's SO easy.) Remember that circle on the front of the sound box that you pressed to start recording? Yep, that one. Just press it again to stop. BOOM! Step 13: Push Button To Play Now let's test this baby out! To listen to your newly recorded sound box, just press the button on the front of the sound box. And there you go! You did it! And that, folks, is all there is to it. It will literally take you longer to read this blog that to program your snazzy new re-recordable sound box. And, don't forget, you can re-record your sound box as many times as you want. To re-record, just follow these same steps again. Here is also video that basically goes thru all those recording steps above [embed][/embed] Well done, guys. I'm gonna leave you to your recording and re-recording and all the magic that will result. Happy times, all!

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