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I wish I could just once.....

I'm away from my young daughters for work and this product helped the girls go to sleep hearing me sing their special lullaby without being super sad. Thank you so much. Most products similar to this are only 20 or 30 sec and of course any song is much longer, so I appreciate the length of recording the most. I already was giving this product 5 stars as is, but when I saw the review from KD and response from the company I wanted to leave 5 more stars. I'm in customer service and so many times a customer gives nasty reviews when in fact they are the ones at fault. But never should you correct the customer especially if it make them feel a certain way but you know sometimes you have to do it you can no longer smile and nod. I'm sorry I'm know this was highly rude and not my place but man reading that just made my day. It made me feel better about all the countless times I have wanted to correct a customer but had to bite my tongue instead. Thanks for a great product and for making my day. Sorry KD.

Michael M.
Great Boxes for sound or music: “The Secret Weapon”

I’ve been using these Invite By Voice sound boxes for a couple of years now, and they are great. It’s so cool that you can put any audio
(music, sound effects, speaking, radio and tv programs, etc.) on the boxes.
I usually cut the provided white on/off button, add to and lengthen the wires and hook them up to a momentary contact button.
Then the audio plays at the push of a button, where you can listen to the full 3 min. & 33 seconds of it.
I just love them.
I do have the advantage of a small recording mixer, so I can mix down or blend multiple audios also.
They can make your project come alive and they don’t even have to be plugged in.
I build industrial or vintage style, repurposed lighting, giving sound to and old radio or cb.
These boxes are “The Secret Weapon”.
The picture below was a 1930’s/40’s stamp- vending machine that I turned into a “Ticket Vending Box. The clowns head spins by motor, on top, the whole thing lights up and then there’s the recordings of old Circus Music that plays on the box that I put inside.
People always ask me, “How do you put the sound in there.

Katee D.

I received my product with parts missing. I can’t record anything without the part. I emailed the company, now we will see how long until they get back to me.

Hi Katee,
It sounds like you want all the world know how we respond. Therefore, I will explain it in all details so that everyone can see and understand.

1) You sent us an email on 'Feb 17, 2021, 3:51 PM Central time'. We responded to you at 'Feb 17, 2021, 3:54 PM central time' . Yet it is 'Feb 18, 2021, 11:57 AM' now and we did not hear back anything from you yet.

2) The review you left here i sno tth eproduct you ordered. You ordered this product here:

3) Your email said exactly the following 'Hello,
I believe I got the wrong item in my purchase. I ordered the sound recorder, but I got a light recorder. Please advise.' form which I can say that you are confused which is Ok. We are here to help. However, you just simple need to reply back to our email and we will make it right. Now you leave this one star review here saying 'with part missing' now it adds the third variation which makes us confused. Once again, we are here for help. But please reply back to us so that we can really truly understand what the issue is, if any (I am saying based on your conflicting emails and reviews)