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EZSound Module - Light Activated Audio Chip

EZSound Module - Light Activated Audio Chip

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This recordable audio chip offers a great way to create unique music boxes to deliver a personal and heartfelt voice message to your loved ones or a special someone.

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They are light activated, which that a gift box will begin playing like magic when the lid is lifted, and its light sensor is exposed to light. There is no easier way to present a personalized customized gift with recorded voice message, favorite music or sound recording.

Custom Music Box as Special Gift

Your loved ones would love to get recorded voice gifts with personally selected music, sound effects or personal voice messages. Any handmade or ready-to-purchase craft that opens and closes is a perfect item to create your very own unique music boxes. Use the light activated sound module  with containers that keep light out until opened. Everyone will be surprised by your ingenuity when their ears are greeted by music, sound effects, or a special message from you.

Trying to find the perfect gifts for the woman who wants nothing? Why not create a personalized musical box for her next birthday, as Christmas gift or for any other occasion? If you do not have woodworking skills or tools to build one, you can definitely find one online with unique carvings and designs. If you want, you can even stain the box to match her furniture or paint it her favorite color. With the addition of our sound recording module, you can make it truly special by recording an instrumental version of her favorite song.

A personalized Music Box Would Make a Romantic Anniversary Gift too.

Imagine how impressed she would be by your sweet gesture—and your memory—when she opens the lid of your handmade box to hear the song that was playing the first time you kissed or the first song you danced to at your wedding. You could even carve or paint the date of your wedding on the wood of the box. If you’re celebrating a big anniversary, something shiny or sparkly might be a good addition to include inside as well.

Need a special gift for a man? He’ll enjoy a personalized music box too! Give him a spot to keep his watch, cufflinks, tie clip, and other accessories safe. A wooden or leather valet or catch-all for his bedside table or dresser would work great with our voice recorder chip. Every morning when he gets ready for work, he’ll open the box to hear the song that gets him pumped to face the day, a loving message from you, or even a funny sound effect that will make him laugh.

What are the Other Usages of Light Activated Sound Modules?

We are glad you asked! You’ll love incorporating the photoelectric sensor EZSound module into your holiday gift boxes; no matter what holiday you’re celebrating, when someone opens a gift box or holiday treat tin, they’ll be delighted to hear a festive song, a gift-appropriate sound effect, or a heart-felt voice recording from you.

Think of how happy you’ll make your son or daughter when they open a gift box to hear a recording of a puppy barking and then see a picture of the new furry family member, who you’ll be picking up later in the week. Or maybe you’re gifting your favorite book—record yourself reading your favorite passage or poem from the book and let your gift recipient know why you think they’ll love it too.

Since this voice recording chip is light activated, it’ll seem like magic when it begins to play. Kids will love making craft projects that they can add their own magic to, whether it’s an accessory to their favorite dress-up costume (a genie in a lamp, a frog in a box, or a ghost captured in a ghost trap) or a shoe box they’ve turned into their personal treasure chest.

Please watch instructional videos below to see how you can record into EZSound Modules. These products basically allow you to record ANYTHING playing in your device (PC, MAC, Smart Phone, Iphone, Ipad, Tablet, Android, MP3 player, etc) into the musical chip thru headphone jack in your device.

Recording Steps

  • Remove the tab from under the battery. Make sure that black sensor cover stays over the sensor. Please do not remove it yet.
  • Plug double sided audio adapter into your device and recordable voice chip
  • Start playing the audio in your device and also push the small red button to start recording
  • Push the small red button again to stop recording
  • Remove black sensor cover from the light sensor to activate
  • ENJOY IT !!!
  • Light sensor sound module can be recorded from videos, sound files (any format), voice recordings, phone messages, etc
  • No software required - works with any device such as Mac, PC, Iphone, Ipad, Tablet, Android, MP3 player, etc
  • Voice chip can hold about 100 to 120 seconds of recording
  • Sound volume of the unit is controlled by the sound volume of your device when you are recording
  • Recordable musical box chip will play only one continuous file
  • Re-record as many times as you want/need
  • Ideal for musical boxes, talking display units, adding sound effects to hobbies, marketing materials with sound, special gifts, school projects, personalized music boxes, etc
  • Recording Double-sided Audio Adapter is provided as along with the module
  • Dimensions: approximately 3 inch x 2 1/2 inch x 3/16 inch (75 mm x 65 mm x 5 mm)
  • Weight: approximately 0.5 oz(15 grams)
  • Maximum play duration: re-recordable about 100 to 120 seconds
  • Life cycle: plays 300 to 350 times on average. Just replace 3 LR1130 (also called as AG10) batteries and unit will continue to play. No re-programming required.
  • Assembly type: peel and stick self adhesive backing
  • Play type: light sensor activated. Recording will start playing once module is exposed to light (natural daylight is just fine).To stop the EZSound module from playing, just prevent light from reaching to its sensor. Each time light comes into contact with the sound module chip, your recording will start playing again.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Terry W.
Great Product...opens a whole new world for me!

EXCELLENT customer service is what I want to acknowledge first.
This opens a whole new world for me as a multi media artist!
Soon I will have screeching bats and neighing horses coming from my sculptures!
Thanks EZ Sound module!

Peter M.D.
Easy purchase

Came securely packaged.

joseph K.
I love it

I used it for a voice activated geocache. It’s called the cats meow and when someone opens it up it makes the meow sound.