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EZSound Multi-File Recorder and Player – MultiPlay Push Button Recordable Sound Chip

EZSound Multi-File Recorder and Player – MultiPlay Push Button Recordable Sound Chip

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Use our MultiPlay push button recordable sound chips to take craft, model, and school projects to the next level with sound!

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➡️ Free recording cable included

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Increase the interactive nature of your creations by storing several audio files on this small sound modules. Each recording plays on rotation; every time you push the extension button, the next message or sound will fill the listener’s ears with excitement.

Create Your own Recordable Picture Frame

Turn a regular photo frame into a recordable picture frame! They make wonderful gifts and keepsakes. Try recording the sounds of your vacation. Are you on the beach with the waves crashing on the shore and sea gulls squawking? Listening to a mariachi band as you relax with a margarita? Sitting by a campfire roasting marshmallows and listening to wolves howling in the distance? Print up your favorite photo from your trip, put it in a frame, and add multiple audible memories with the talking products from Invite By Voice. The button can be secured to the front or side of the frame with the audio device attached to the back of the frame.

A singing photo frame makes a thoughtful gift too. Children will have fun recording special messages to their parents for a Father’s Day and Mother’s Day framed photo. Kids say the darnedest things, and they can be quite creative when it comes to articulating how much they love their parents and why. When parents are away from their children while at work or on a business trip, they’ll love hearing the voices of their little ones and seeing their smiling faces.

These Small Recording Devices Will Take your Craft, Hobbies, and Gifts to the Next Level

It’s amazing what the addition of small recording devices to projects can do to create a one-of-a-kind experience or gift. You’re only limited by your imagination on how these best quality sound modules can be used. Crafters, hobbyists, teachers, students, marketers, and storytellers can add several voice recordings, songs, and sound effects to enhance their creations.

Do you like making up and telling stories to the kiddos? This USB recordable  audio module can help preserve the kids’ favorite homespun tales. Or add sound effects to storytelling time—animal sounds, magical musical flourishes, squeaky characters, doors creaking, a robot beeping, a phone ringing—it’ll make for an even more immersive experience.

Our rechargeable push button devices are useful in other ways besides preserving memories too. You could add sound effects to hobby projects, such as wood carvings, scale models, model railroads, or handmade cards. Teachers, students, and nonprofit organizations can make educational displays and school projects come alive with push button activated sound. Voice recordings that can be heard by pushing a button are great if you’re at a trade show but can’t staff your booth the entire time. Visitors and potential customers can simply toggle through the description of your business and what you offer with the push of a button.

With so many ways to use, you’ll love exploring your creative talents with sound! Find more great ideas on our blog, and share your genius on social media with #invitebyvoice.

  • Recordable voice audio chip can record and play multiple files
  • Simple drag & drop file uploading thru USB port
  • Re-recordable functionality. Recorded files can be removed, replaced as many times as wanted/needed
  • High quality metal speaker
  • 200 mAh high capacity rechargeable battery
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Sound volume control feature
  • 2 MB internal capacity (translates to about 120 seconds of total recording time)
  • Free USB cable included (USB Type A to Mini USB Cable)
  • Peel & Stick self-adhesive label for easy placement
  • Included in the package: Sound Chip, rechargeable battery, and speaker all assembled together by wires, 10 inch long USB cable for file transferring, and printed recording instructions
  • Dimensions: approximately 3.75 inch x 3.25 inch x 0.25 inch (95 mm x 83 mm x 7 mm)
  • Weight: approximately 0.7 oz (20 gram)
  • Maximum # of recorded files: sound module is not limited by the number of recorded files, but the total size of the recorded files. Unit has 2 MB capacity which translates to about 120 seconds of total recording time
  • File type: MP3 only. While you can upload any type of files to the recording unit as it is just like an external drive, audio chip will only play files in MP3 format. If your files are in different formats, you can easily convert them into MP3 format by using any online free websites such as ""
  • Recharging: Recordable unit should play about 700 times for a 15 seconds of recording before recharging is needed (about 350 times for 30 seconds recording). After recharging, already recorded push button will continue to play. No re-recording required.
  • Assembly type: peel and stick self-adhesive backing
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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
After some messing around with it, I figured it out

So I figured out that the device needs to be TURNED ON while plugged into the computer for computer to recognize it. Also make sure the audio file you put on there is an mp3 file or can be converted from another kind of audio file to an mp3 file or else it will not play. Giving four stars because I would’ve liked those instructions to be included rather than having to figure it out for myself.

Love these

Ordering a handful more as we speak. Everyone loves them

Anthony C.
Great product

I’ve ordered about 30 of these and they work perfect. I use these for a product I sell and have never had an issue. Works fine when connecting to my laptop to transfer the files. Keep up the great product!