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EZSound Multi-File Recorder and Player – MultiPlay Recordable Sound Module for Greeting Cards

EZSound Multi-File Recorder and Player – MultiPlay Recordable Sound Module for Greeting Cards

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If you are looking to make personalized gifts for friends, family, and love ones, then this MultiPlay recordable sound module for greeting cards will help add a finishing touch to create something special!

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This sound chip for cards allows you to get as creative as you want, and you can use it for a wide variety of purposes, but not just for audio greeting cards. Now, it is possible to record and play many different customized recorded voice messages, music or sound effects into one single voice chip.

Greeting Card Sound Chip to Create Personalized Gifts

A special someone's voice or favorite song that you can dedicate to your loved ones can convey such meaning and emotion to the recipient that a plain greeting card or photo album simple cannot. When you use recordable voice module for greeting card, you have the power to share exactly what you want to say with the intended recipient. It shortens the miles between you. Brings your affection, fun, or memories into the palm of someone's hand.

Store bought greeting cards are so, well, predictable. But when you make a card yourself, actually when you make anything yourself, it’s unique and special, and you’re not only showing how talented you are but you’re also showing how much you do care about the recipient. There’s no end to the ways that can spruce up your handmade cards.Family and friends will be even more impressed with your creativity and even more delighted to receive a card with our slide tongue module inside.

Here are some ideas of how to use our voice recording unit. Mom’s birthday card – She’ll sing you her praises when she gets her birthday card with your pre-recorded birthday greetings. Pre-record a few lines of poetry to show the budding poet in you or you might just prefer to recite a well-known literary quote. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to add some extra life to your hand-painted ‘thank you’ cards, or make that congratulations on your best friend’s wedding anniversary card just that little bit perkier?

Talking Photo Albums, Recordable Books and Scrapbooks - All Possible

A great feature of our trademarked musical greeting card chip is that you are not limited to using them in greeting cards. You can use them to personalize any gifts for any occasions.

Let’s say you want to create a commemorative talking photo album for your mother, father, siblings, friends, who is celebrating a milestone birthday. Once you finish making the scrapbook, you can add a recording of their voice from a special event or you can record their favorite songs or poems.Record these special sounds into the module and place it inside the jacket cover and turn it to recordable photo album. Then present the gift to them and watch their face light up with joy and nostalgia.

Another way you can use this greeting card audio module is for personalized recordable baby books. You can create a story book with cute illustrations and use the usb recorded chip to record what you’ve written.Milestone baby books are also very popular with mothers. You can record your baby’s first words, his laugh and other memorable moments. Then transfer them to our talking products and place them on the appropriate pages of the book!

These remarkably easy to use audio cards can enhance any greeting card, art project, gift, as well as add whimsical sounds, voices and songs throughout the day.

  • MultiPlay unit can record and play multiple files
  • Simple drag & drop file uploading thru USB port
  • Re-recordable functionality. Recorded files can be removed, replaced as many times as wanted/needed
  • High quality metal speaker
  • 200 mAh high capacity rechargeable battery
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Sound volume control feature
  • 2 MB internal capacity (translates to about 120 seconds of total recording time)
  • Free USB cable included (USB Type A to Mini USB Cable)
  • Peel & Stick self adhesive label for easy placement
  • Included in the package: Musical greeting card chip, rechargeable battery, and speaker all assembled together by wires, 10 inch long USB cable for file transferring, and printed recording instructions
  • Dimensions: approximately 5 inch x 3.25 inch x 0.25 inch (127 mm x 83 mm x 7 mm)
  • Weight: approximately 0.7 oz (20 gram)
  • Maximum # of recorded files: Audio Chip is not limited by the number of recorded files, but the total size of the recorded files. Unit has 2 MB capacity which translates to about 120 seconds of total recording time
  • File type: MP3 only. While you can upload any type of files to the sound chip as it is just like an external drive, audio chip will only play files in MP3 format. If your files are in different formats, you can easily convert them into MP3 format by using any online free websites such as ""
  • Recharging: Voice module should play about 700 times for a 15 seconds of recording before recharging is needed (about 350 times for 30 seconds recording). After recharging, talking greeting card module will continue to play. No re-recording required.
  • Assembly type: peel and stick self adhesive backing
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Customer Reviews

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Incredible Sound Module!

I used this sound module in a birthday card and it was SO easy to use and worked incredibly! A different audio file played each time the card was opened and closed, and the recipient of the card was truly wowed and thrilled by it! The quantity of different audio files you can fit on the chip really depends on how long each audio clip is and/or how large of a file each sound is. This has 1.96MB of space on it, for reference. The audio quality of the playback from the chip itself is excellent quality as well. The instructions were clear and I had no issues, overall it was a lot of fun to use it! The price is also very affordable, so I was very happy about that as well. Thank you so much, Invite By Voice!