EZSound Box - Front Play Button for Personal Messages, Plush Toys, Projects, Hobbies, Craft, 200 sec

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Best on the market...

I run Song Project in Kansas City where we use Invite By Voice modules to stuff individual songs into teddy bears for foster kids. I have used over 150 of their modules now, and they are still the absolute best you can find. The hold up under kid-use, they sound WAY better than I dreamed we would find in a module, and they hold over 3 minutes... unheard of. They fill my orders quickly, and have been so helpful over the years. Highly recommended.

Quick and easy!

Used my device to “record” an MP3 of a Laffing Sal (“Laughing Lady”) funhouse automaton for one I have in my collection. Worked great. A slight bit of static, but otherwise loud and clear! Thank you!

Mother's voice in the Nicu

My name is Nancy and I have now purchased two of your sound boxes and they have been a blessing. This was one of them. The other had the string. I did this when my son was in the nicu of children's hospital of Los Angeles. I wasn't able to be with him overnight, so I had to find a way to get to him somehow and tried this. It saved our lives. On nights (or days) the nurses couldn't console him, my voice was. I had a nurse even tell me all they had to do was press the button from the door and my son would sleep to it