EZSound Module - DIY Greeting Card Recordable Sound Module

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Terrific mechanism!

This is the third time I have ordered more sound modules. They are easy to use, extremely reliable, the batteries last a very long time and the sound quality is good. i really love this product! I use it to make cards.

Works exactly as described - easy to configure

Worked exactly as advertised. Just follow the directions. I had a sound clip on my computer that I wanted a greeting card to play. I pulled out the tab on the card, as instructed, plugged the double-ended adapter plug in (one end into the card, the other end into the audio out jack on the computer). Push the "record" button on the module, play the sound file on the computer, push the "record" button again to stop. That's it. The first time I recorded it and played it back, it wasn't loud enough, so I just raised the volume on my computer and recorded it to the module again.

Also, the instructions for sticking the module into the card at the correct place relative to the fold were very clear and made it easy to have it activate when it opens.

Great product

Although it took about two tries, with excellent support from the company I got my Christmas card done. It sounded great.

Our vision-impaired friend will enjoy hearing her Christmas card.
Your product is perfect for that use.