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Heart Shaped Voice Recorder for Stuffed Animals

Heart Shaped Voice Recorder for Stuffed Animals

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EZSound 30 seconds voice recorder for stuffed animals are great way to add sound to plush toys, personal gifts, crafts and many more. You can just press the button to record your voice and then press the same button to play. Please see recording instructions below. 

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Teddy Bear Voice Recorder for Plush Toys and Stuffed Animals

You can add your personal voice message an include it with favorite plush toys

You loved ones will have a lot of fun and appreciation when they hear your recorded personal voice message.

Bring your Creativity to the Next Level

Adding sound to your craft projects will definitely add personality and interactive effect to your craft project

So many ways to add the magic of sound to your projects.

We do hope that our product will enable you to turn your creativity into something very special, one-of-a-kind project or a gift that will be remembered for years to come.

Your EZSound Recordable Heart comes with our built in “Recording SAFE Technology™” so that you do not need to worry about losing a recording accidentally.

If you ever have a difficulty to record into the heart, the heart might be already in locked position. You will just need to put the switch into (P) position, and squeeze & hold the heart (about 5 seconds) until you hear DOUBLE beep. Now you can record by
following "Recording a Message" steps. To lock & unlock your recorded message, please refer to user manual below.

Recording a Message

Before recording a message, please first pull out the battery insulator strip on the back of the recorder.
  • Slide the switch into record mode (R).
  • Squeeze and hold the heart to start recording.
  • Speak into microphone (up to 30 seconds recording).
  • Stop squeezing to finish recording.
  • Slide the switch into playback mode (P).
  • Squeeze and release heart to listen.
Repeat the steps above to record a new message.
In order to obtain the best sound quality, speak loud, clear, and steady into the microphone. Maintain 3 to 5 inches between the microphone and sound source. Record in a quiet environment and avoid background noise.

How to Replace the Batteries

Recorder uses 3 LR44 (AG13) batteries that can be purchased at most retail/online stores.
  • Remove screw from back of the recorder.
  • Slide out the battery compartment lid.
  • Replace the old 3 batteries with new ones (pay attention to (+) and (-) end orientations).
  • Slide in and screw back battery compartment lid.
Repeat the steps above to record a new message.
  • Dimensions: approximately 2.2 inch x 2.1 inch x 1.5 inch (56 mm x 54 mm x 38 mm)
  • Weight: approximately 1.1 oz (31 grams)
  • Maximum play duration: re-recordable up to 30 seconds
  • Life cycle: plays 300 to 350 times on average. Just replace 3 AG13 (also called as LR44) batteries and unit will continue to play. No re-recording required.
  • Play type: Push button type. Push the button once, and it will start playing, push again, it will stop. Push again, and unit will start playing from the beginning.
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