Enhancing Presentation Boards with Customized Sound

Enhancing Presentation Boards with Customized Sound

See how a Wisconsin student used an EZSound Box to created a wonderful multimedia presentation.


If you’ve ever been a school student, chances are good that you’ve had to put together some sort of visual presentation. Things like dioramas, display boards, drawings, and collages play a big role in how we acquire knowledge and learn to convey what we’ve discovered to others. But with so much visual information to present, how can students keeps themselves engaged in their projects while also grabbing their viewers’ attention? The answer is simple: with sound!


Sound is a critical part of the learning process, and Invite By Voice’s high quality sound products are great tools that young learners can use to add voice messages, music, and other effects to their projects. Whether it’s a model of our solar system, a science fair board, or an art project for a school showcase, any kind of assignment can be enhanced with customized sound. Not only is this a successful way to add interest to a presentation, it’s also a fantastic method for engaging kids who need sound to learn; parents and educators have found that many students are auditory learners who do best when they are able to hear about the things they are studying. Students can equip our easy-to-use technology to learn more effectively, spice up their visual presentations, and create something entertaining and memorable.


Jack, a school student in Wisconsin, recently did just that with one of our sound products. He created a trifold presentation board with information about his home state, including maps, photos, and a custom voice recording that was loaded onto an EZSound Box with a 10-inch Extension Play Button. This message contained a special greeting (recorded in Jack’s voice) from Bucky, the official UW mascot. By clicking on the recordable message button on Jack’s board, viewers were able to hear this message: "Hi, I am Bucky Badger, the mascot for the University of Wisconsin located in Madison, the State Capital. Wisconsin is a wonderful place with wonderful people and we hope you come visit us sometime.” The recordable sound box was wired behind the board, with a hole placed just below the mascot picture to allow the sound to come through. This project was displayed at the Wisconsin State Fair, where observers were able to interact with the board and learn all about the great things the state has to offer.


Jack-presentation-with recordable sound box

 EZSound Box assembled to presentation-board

Jack’s presentation demonstrates how easy and fun it is to add sound to a visual display. By using the simple element of sound in a box, Jack added life to his project and created a multimedia experience for his audience. His custom voice message transformed his board into something unique and memorable that people could stop and interact with instead of just looking at.


It’s no-brainer that incorporating sound into an assignment is a great way to creatively engage both students and their audience. So if you have a school project coming up that could use a little excitement, follow Jack’s lead and use a push button voice recorder to include a sound effect, song, or message. Not only will it help you learn, it will keep your viewers energized and interested in discovering something new!


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Hi Markos,
You do not need to get any programmer to record into " EZSound Box with a 10-inch Extension Play Button" sound box. All you need is double sided adapter which comes with the sound box. However, if you are referring to USB programmable sound boxes and modules, lease send us an e-mail to “info@invitebyvoice.com” and please refer to this blog comment and we will go from there




How can i get the programmer

Markos Alemayehu

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