PERSONAL VOICE / LOVE SONG Added Valentine’s Day Audio Cards

PERSONAL VOICE / LOVE SONG Added Valentine’s Day Audio Cards

We all know the Valentines' Day struggle, right? Find the perfect card - the card that perfectly says exactly how you feel about that special someone. Every year we comb through the racks of cards in the store - reading each one, hoping that the next one will be the right one. Guess what, guys? We got you covered! Don't waste your time reading hundreds of cards this Valentines Day. Tell your loved one exactly how you feel with a customized sound card from Invite By Voice

We do currently offer three beautiful Valentines' Day Card designs, more love card designs to follow in 2019.

Just think of all the ways you can really wow your significant other with a personally recorded message when they open one of our cards.

In fact, we've come up with a Top Ten List of ways to really dazzle on Valentines Day with a card from Invite by Voice:

10. Load the card with your significant other's favorite love song.
9. Record a personalized Valentine's Day message.
8. Record a V-Day message from your pet to your loved one.
7. Load a personal message from the kiddos for a kid's Valentine's Day card to mom or dad.
6. Record a favorite conversation from your S.O.'s favorite romantic comedy and load it onto the card.
5. Record a list of the top 5 reasons that you love your man or woman.
4. Maybe you've been searching for the right way to ask out a special someone for the first time. Why not take the plunge with a customized recorded card!
3. Not all love is romantic, and that's ok! Send a personalized card to your parents, friend or favorite aunt!
2. Record yourself singing a song to your love.
1. If you're up for it, pop the question! Your loved one will open the card, hear the question, look at you, and there you are - down on one knee. I mean, can I get a tissue?

In addition to our talking valentines day cards with song, you can also use one of our recordable blank cards if you rather decorate the card from scratch with your photos, illustrations, wording, etc

Check out our beautiful Valentines Day cards on our website here, and let us help you express you love this February as can only be done with a card from Invite by Voice.

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