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Does the job with good sound quality

This is the only voice box I could find that played a different sound track with each button press. I'm planning to use it in a custom voice box.


These little EZSound boxes were perfect , just what I was hoping for, and so easy to use

Great Project

The sound module is easy to use and works great. I decided to lengthen the wires so the speaker would be two feet away from the switch. Easy to do with minimal soldering skills.

Allowed me to add sound to my Halloween prop!

Very easy to use and the sound quality is much better than I expected.

EZSound Box- Front Play Button Recorder

I love these little things and will be buying more! I got too much static using my laptop so I used my iPhone and that did the trick. Now I have a simple push button with recordings to go with my sculptures. I'm very happy with my purchase!

Easy to use. Volume is not quite as high as I would like

Works like a charm

It gives exactly what it promises. Simple setup, easy instructions, multiple sound implementation, and high quality sound. I definitely recommend everyone get their hands on this.

Multi-File Recorder and Player - Review

The device was easy to use and the instructions were easy to follow. The minor challenges I had were changing my files to mp3 files, which just took finding a converter application online, and figuring out the decibel level needed for the recordings. Finding the converter and figuring out the decibel level took just a few minutes.

The device made my son's project a hit with his classmates. I would definitely purchase from your company again.

Nice upgrade

Having used the older models in the past, this new version is a big upgrade! It now has an on/off switch, volume control, and rechargeable battery. Programming no longer involves special software, but rather it mounts as a shared drive in Windows (weirdly, not on Mac, which can mount FAT32 thumb drives just fine) and the file can be dragged to it.

Terrific mechanism!

This is the third time I have ordered more sound modules. They are easy to use, extremely reliable, the batteries last a very long time and the sound quality is good. i really love this product! I use it to make cards.

Happy customer

Recieved my item promptly, exactly as advertised. Sound module works great, easy to use on personal projects

Awesome product. Pretty simple to use the only thing that made me worry is when I was recording there was no sound . So I watched the minutes . So i knew when to start & stop. Maybe i did something wrong but it came out AWESOME!!👍🏽👍🏽

I love it. Work perfectly.


It was great, my wifey loved it and can’t stop talking about it.

Works As Advertised

Easy to setup and operate - just connect to the computer, drag the files and you're done!

Not a bad product.

Bought 2. 1 worked , 1 didn't. The one that worked was great.

Musical Personalized Love Card - Love Note

Doesn’t work

Hi Gisel, Sorry about the problem. We would like to correct one thing though... You said 'can’t get anyone to answer at you place'. We got your email this morning at 8:27 AM CST and replied yo back at 9:31 AM the very same day only after 1 hr 4 mins. Did you not see it? did it go to your spam folder? Not sure. Can you please check for us? We will also send another email as we do look forward to resolve this ASAP

EZSound Module - Light Activated Audio Chip

Best on the market...

I run Song Project in Kansas City where we use Invite By Voice modules to stuff individual songs into teddy bears for foster kids. I have used over 150 of their modules now, and they are still the absolute best you can find. The hold up under kid-use, they sound WAY better than I dreamed we would find in a module, and they hold over 3 minutes... unheard of. They fill my orders quickly, and have been so helpful over the years. Highly recommended.

Great sound! Easy to record

Works perfect for my projects. Will be ordering more

Great Devices

These are great devices. They are easy to use and have a longer time than most others allowing me to put my own lullabies into stuffed animals for my grandchildren to enjoy.

I modified this product for another application and it worked very well. Used for remote nature trail guidance kiosks.