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Wonders galor
Not happy
Hi Chris, I think package delivery is being delayed due to Christmas Season and Increased Covid-19 cases It is our apologies However, we would not be surprised if it is delivered on Monday which will still be within 3 to 7 business days delivery timeframe
My thoughts on the multi file voice recorder
I love the product!
E sound box
Just what we needed!
Worked great !
Not happy
Perfect little audio project
I would Love to give you a rating on your product.
Hi Shawn, You're absolutely right. It is our apologies. Seems like that package got lost in transaction. We will send you a private email to address that issue. Having said that we do hope that you understand that it is not really our fault, and we were not even aware of the situation till you let us know. If you did email us right away, we would have replied to you quicker and our solution for you would not change. We are proud to take care of our customers
EZSound Box
Greeting Card recorder
EZ sound box
Exactly what I needed
I haven't received it...
Great item and arrived quick!
Perfectly Simple.
Loved it !!!
Easy purchase
Wonderful product - exceeded my expectations.
Woody Voice box