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Loving it

Love this product!

Great Product...opens a whole new world for me!

EXCELLENT customer service is what I want to acknowledge first.
This opens a whole new world for me as a multi media artist!
Soon I will have screeching bats and neighing horses coming from my sculptures!
Thanks EZ Sound module!

After some messing around with it, I figured it out

So I figured out that the device needs to be TURNED ON while plugged into the computer for computer to recognize it. Also make sure the audio file you put on there is an mp3 file or can be converted from another kind of audio file to an mp3 file or else it will not play. Giving four stars because I would’ve liked those instructions to be included rather than having to figure it out for myself.

Love these

Ordering a handful more as we speak. Everyone loves them


Hope this comes back in stock ASAP I need more. I used one for an idea of a craft to make and people loved it and now want there own please get these back in stock soon!


Works exactly as described. Very easy to set up. I'll be using this for a homemade music box.
I included some pictures of the instructions it comes with for anyone looking for quick details as to how it works.
The only thing my video doesn't show is how it works when using multiple recordings, as I'm only using 1 sound file. It works exactly as the instructions say: every time it's exposed to light it will play the next file.

Great product

I’ve ordered about 30 of these and they work perfect. I use these for a product I sell and have never had an issue. Works fine when connecting to my laptop to transfer the files. Keep up the great product!


Windows 7 and XP only? Really? It's halfway through 2021.

Not sure how you ended up thinking that this only works with 'Windows 7 and XP'. This unit here works with ANY device that has USB port as loading files are simple copy&paste or drog&drop


Windows 7 and XP only? Really? It's 2021

I wish I could just once.....

I'm away from my young daughters for work and this product helped the girls go to sleep hearing me sing their special lullaby without being super sad. Thank you so much. Most products similar to this are only 20 or 30 sec and of course any song is much longer, so I appreciate the length of recording the most. I already was giving this product 5 stars as is, but when I saw the review from KD and response from the company I wanted to leave 5 more stars. I'm in customer service and so many times a customer gives nasty reviews when in fact they are the ones at fault. But never should you correct the customer especially if it make them feel a certain way but you know sometimes you have to do it you can no longer smile and nod. I'm sorry I'm know this was highly rude and not my place but man reading that just made my day. It made me feel better about all the countless times I have wanted to correct a customer but had to bite my tongue instead. Thanks for a great product and for making my day. Sorry KD.

Great Boxes for sound or music: “The Secret Weapon”

I’ve been using these Invite By Voice sound boxes for a couple of years now, and they are great. It’s so cool that you can put any audio
(music, sound effects, speaking, radio and tv programs, etc.) on the boxes.
I usually cut the provided white on/off button, add to and lengthen the wires and hook them up to a momentary contact button.
Then the audio plays at the push of a button, where you can listen to the full 3 min. & 33 seconds of it.
I just love them.
I do have the advantage of a small recording mixer, so I can mix down or blend multiple audios also.
They can make your project come alive and they don’t even have to be plugged in.
I build industrial or vintage style, repurposed lighting, giving sound to and old radio or cb.
These boxes are “The Secret Weapon”.
The picture below was a 1930’s/40’s stamp- vending machine that I turned into a “Ticket Vending Box. The clowns head spins by motor, on top, the whole thing lights up and then there’s the recordings of old Circus Music that plays on the box that I put inside.
People always ask me, “How do you put the sound in there.

I received my product with parts missing. I can’t record anything without the part. I emailed the company, now we will see how long until they get back to me.

Hi Katee,
It sounds like you want all the world know how we respond. Therefore, I will explain it in all details so that everyone can see and understand.

1) You sent us an email on 'Feb 17, 2021, 3:51 PM Central time'. We responded to you at 'Feb 17, 2021, 3:54 PM central time' . Yet it is 'Feb 18, 2021, 11:57 AM' now and we did not hear back anything from you yet.

2) The review you left here i sno tth eproduct you ordered. You ordered this product here:

3) Your email said exactly the following 'Hello,
I believe I got the wrong item in my purchase. I ordered the sound recorder, but I got a light recorder. Please advise.' form which I can say that you are confused which is Ok. We are here to help. However, you just simple need to reply back to our email and we will make it right. Now you leave this one star review here saying 'with part missing' now it adds the third variation which makes us confused. Once again, we are here for help. But please reply back to us so that we can really truly understand what the issue is, if any (I am saying based on your conflicting emails and reviews)

There is a lot of static in the recording

We bought this with high hopes, but the quality of the recording is poor. It has a lot of static. The quality of the audio provided to the device is superb.

Hi Lalit,
So sorry about your experience. it is our apologies. I can confidently tell you that almost every single time our customers experience such thing the reason is not the box but usually something in recording step, setup, or the device used. We will send you an email shortly with some troubleshooting. Please also keep in mind that you can definitely return your item for full refund. Again, please just contact us thru our email address,

Very Happy

I bought this to put into a jewelry box I’m making. It has very easy to follow instructions, and it was very easy to record my song—I got well over 200 seconds of recording time, which accidentally worked out good for me also. The sound quality is reminiscent of a good record player, which I liked because it went with the theme of what I was working on. You can adjust the sound by adjusting the sound on your device before you record which is nice. Very satisfied with this purchase!!

Never Received my item

T# - 92748909840979543478054276

I never received my item, highly doubt this will come before Christmas.

Shipping is a mess. would not recommend.

Unfortunately this Christmas season all carries were overtwhelmed with the demad and Covid-19 cases and pretty much all online sellers experienced such delays. Once again, so sorry fo ryoru experience

Your package was delivered on 12/21

Haven't gotten it

Waiting for shipment

The tracker show delivered to USPS but I have not received it yet. Hopefully today.

Great products

It just what I need it. Great service and product. Keep it up!

I have not received the product.


Fast delivery, and the product is great I will be using them for all my business products

EZSound Box - Front Play Button for Personal Messages, Plush Toys, Projects, Hobbies, Craft, 200 sec

Finally got it!

It appears the post office sat on my package for awhile but I have now received it and have placed it in a Winnie the Pooh with a beautiful song for my 1 year old grandson. Wonderful! Sound is Great!


Condensed file to fit, reformatted to mp3 verified and it still doesn’t play on either chip and I still have one to spare.

Sorry about your experience. We looked at your order and it seems like you did purchase 3 units, and if we do understand your review correct, you are saying that none of them work. Again, if this is the accurate conclusion, we can tell you almost 100% sure that there is some thing with your file as our defect rate is way less that 1% and it would be almost impossible to get 3 units and have all of them defective. We will go ahead and email you with our mp3 files and we will kindly ask you to try those files

Fast & Great Service- Better than Expected!

I'm a repeat customer that ordered 6 EZSound Boxes. I received them in no time! Actually, they sent me an extra one. Made my day, especially during this pandemic. Using the product was a breeze. Sound quality is great.

Awesome Idea

I had to redo a few times but once I got the steps in order, it went well. The only thing that I was hoping to do was put it in the belly of a stuff toy. Since it has batteries, I was unable to do that. Ripping open a stuff toy every time to replace batteries, just wasn't what I was looking to do. However I tied it around the neck of stuff toy and it will work just fine. Overall pretty great product. I would recommend it.