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It was great, my wifey loved it and can’t stop talking about it.

Works As Advertised

Easy to setup and operate - just connect to the computer, drag the files and you're done!

Not a bad product.

Bought 2. 1 worked , 1 didn't. The one that worked was great.

Musical Personalized Love Card - Love Note

Doesn’t work

Hi Gisel, Sorry about the problem. We would like to correct one thing though... You said 'can’t get anyone to answer at you place'. We got your email this morning at 8:27 AM CST and replied yo back at 9:31 AM the very same day only after 1 hr 4 mins. Did you not see it? did it go to your spam folder? Not sure. Can you please check for us? We will also send another email as we do look forward to resolve this ASAP

EZSound Module - Light Activated Audio Chip

Best on the market...

I run Song Project in Kansas City where we use Invite By Voice modules to stuff individual songs into teddy bears for foster kids. I have used over 150 of their modules now, and they are still the absolute best you can find. The hold up under kid-use, they sound WAY better than I dreamed we would find in a module, and they hold over 3 minutes... unheard of. They fill my orders quickly, and have been so helpful over the years. Highly recommended.

Great sound! Easy to record

Works perfect for my projects. Will be ordering more

Great Devices

These are great devices. They are easy to use and have a longer time than most others allowing me to put my own lullabies into stuffed animals for my grandchildren to enjoy.

I modified this product for another application and it worked very well. Used for remote nature trail guidance kiosks.

Quick and easy!

Used my device to “record” an MP3 of a Laffing Sal (“Laughing Lady”) funhouse automaton for one I have in my collection. Worked great. A slight bit of static, but otherwise loud and clear! Thank you!

Awesome Sound Module!!!

Exactly what I was hoping it would be!! Easy to use!!

Photo book

I found working with this product very rewarding. I actually created a photo book for my parents wedding anniversary and embedded the speaker into some blank pages. Each of the children and grandchildren recorded a 2 minute message for their grandparents which I associated with the photos from that particular individual. I have attached a short video demonstrating the concept. My parents really loved it.

Great for Model Trains

Works perfectly. Very simple to record and play. I used an MP3 file from my phone to play a recording of Roger Maris's 61st homerun at Yankee Stadium. The box will go in front of a backdrop of the old Stadium, that is located on a part of my large O gauge layout. It adds an altogether different dimension to that scene. This gadget has many applications for model railroading, including your own station announcements, music, and special scenes. A very cool product.

Works exactly as described - easy to configure

Worked exactly as advertised. Just follow the directions. I had a sound clip on my computer that I wanted a greeting card to play. I pulled out the tab on the card, as instructed, plugged the double-ended adapter plug in (one end into the card, the other end into the audio out jack on the computer). Push the "record" button on the module, play the sound file on the computer, push the "record" button again to stop. That's it. The first time I recorded it and played it back, it wasn't loud enough, so I just raised the volume on my computer and recorded it to the module again.

Also, the instructions for sticking the module into the card at the correct place relative to the fold were very clear and made it easy to have it activate when it opens.


I use the EZ Sound boxes in my Halloween dioramas. They add so much to the creepy atmosphere in the little worlds i create. I have used creepy music, storm sounds, even moans and screams! so much fun!!

Great product for art exhibition with interactive sound

This product was so easy to use. It will be an excellent addition to my art exhibit! Thank you.

Push button sound card

I received the sound cards and they will work out perfectly. They’ll be used in a unique way as they will be part of a model railroad project adding soundbites to different scenes so the children can interact with display.
I highly recommend.

Easy peasy

Video instructions were super clear and easy. Voice module works like a charm

Easy and fun

Thank you so much! The one I tried was super easy and enjoyable to use. Can’t wait to stick it in a doll.

Also, great customer service. I was missing a piece and they shipped me the missing part AND a free recorder to make it right. A+

Making Smiles

I "discovered Invite by Voice blank cards in 2018, and I am now ordering my second batch of 5. I used 3 to put smiles on people's faces for birthdays, and 2 I put together into a kit for my great niece (age 4) so that she can make cards for her parents and/or friends ( with the help of a parent or grand parent. I love these cards!

This is what CUSTOMER SERVICE is all about.

December 28, 2018
This is my 3rd order with Invite By Voice and it will NOT be my last. I left a message on the order form when I placed the order ... advising them that I did not need the plugs or instructions since I had them from a previous order. Invite By Voice fulfilled my order and included a 'gift' in place of the plugs. They didn't need to do that ... but they did and I am TRULY appreciative of it. This is what CUSTOMER SERVICE is all about.

By the way I did not get paid for this review and I only write them when they are truly warranted. Invite By Voice earned my business and will get more of it as the need arises. Thanks ... Invite By Voice. Jeff

Great product

Although it took about two tries, with excellent support from the company I got my Christmas card done. It sounded great.

Our vision-impaired friend will enjoy hearing her Christmas card.
Your product is perfect for that use.

Versatile and awesome recorder module !!

Thank you for inventing these amazing Sound Module. I've tried other companies' sound modules and it's so discouraging and depressing. BUT THESE - THESE ARE literally a game-changing for sound recording !!! These chips made my project are so much better and it takes my creativity to another level.

- Another thing I love about this that you can record any sound and any favorite tune at the volume you like. I'm not a tech savy but I managed to record this like a PRO !!

THANK YOU also for your execellent customer service and keep it up #invitedbyvoice

-GOD probably directed my mouse clicks to this website and buy this product :)) THIS SOUND MODULE TO RULE ALL MODULE. I cannot remember the last time I'm this excited to write a review.